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Fernseher is an all encompassing set of scripts to solve all the world's problems, determine whether P really does equal NP, make me lots of money, and make a fool of myself, all at once. I imagine it will be useful to no one, do exactly what no one wants it to do, and be accused of murder and money laundering multiple times. If it does what you want it to do, reconsider, because you are probably wrong. It won't even do what I want it to do, and I wrote the damn thing.

In summation, your probably don't really want this set of crap on your box, and if you put it on your box, it is likely that your computer will implode, and almost certain that all your base will belong to me.

That said, I am using this wiki to keep track of ideas I have for the various components involved, what they do, what they should do, how to use them, how to improve them, and what will happen if you don't use them with everything else. I am also hoping to do some rudimentary interface design here for the various front ends, as well as backend database design so I know how its all supposed to go together. I may also put any information I have on the various utilities I plan on using to interface with the tuner cards, as well as interfaces to play music and video, adjust channels, volume, use bittorrent, etc.

  • Festina lente (hurry slowly)
  • Id est (that is)

Backend/Server Components

Frontend/Client Components

Database Design and Synchronization

Components to Harness

Other Related Projects

Slackware resources

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  • slackbuilds.org
  • kernel.org
  • slackbook.org
  • slackwiki.org
  • sbopkg.org
  • linuxquestions.org
  • alienBOB's wiki
  • alienBOB's slackbuilds
  • ##slackware
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  • slackware-annouce@slackware.com
  • slackware-security@slackware.com
  • slackbuilds-users@slackbuilds.org
  • linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org

Stuff to get working on my computers